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Karen 3 months ago
She's Beautiful and she knows what she is doing. I'm old and about done with swinging it's nice to see newer wives getting into it.
For those that don't get it there's a special allure for black it's the taboo of it especially if you're raised in the south. And his smell and taste and especially for me is the contrast of skin I love being with really dark men as I'm Lilly white so the contrast is a huge turn on.
Anyways good luck.
Bitch boy husband 1 month ago
She needs to sniff it closely. Work her nose and mouth up into his warm sweaty butt hole.
Working her tongue up into it deep.
Respect and honor all black men this way.
SubWhiteGuy4QueenSpades 3 weeks ago
She is the perfect woman! That face, that long hair, those breasts, those big nipples jutting out, that sweet pussy, that beautiful BBW body, those legs, that booty ... she makes a great QoS and a great wife for a lucky cucky.
tammy 3 months ago
mmm that cock
Rod 3 months ago
She is great cock sucker yow