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Anomaly 2 years ago
16:02 at the bottom left, you can see a white light move up. Too big to be a dust particle. #paranormalactivity
Lady in white 3 years ago
He’s so hot. Shame she’s so fucking annoying.
bruh 1 year ago
why does she sound like a goblin lmao
Tim 3 years ago
Would love to kill both of these clowns
Anonymous 1 year ago
Can her voice be anymore annoying? Like when she said “what!?!” She sounded like a stern angry Louis from Family Guy…
ashamed 9 months ago
not my proudest nut
3 years ago
Ugh I want dick soooo bad hmu boys
Ashok 2 years ago
Good yoga
3 years ago
Contact me......
2 years ago
Tony Pleasee post a vid of you getting your ass ate and spreading those fat cheeks!!